Managed IT Services

“set it and forget it” might be a great sales pitch for a rotisserie oven, but it’s no way to treat your IT infrastructure. Managed IT allows you to move away from the “break-fix” mentality while stabilizing your IT costs. It also gives you the opportunity to not only ensure optimal functionality, but to plan for future needs.

Professional Services

Having a properly wired and networked home or office space has become a necessity. Whether you need to run one cable or hundreds, our team can scale to fit your needs. We also are in a unique position to have foresight into your IT needs, so you won’t end up having to put your printer in the kitchen simply because it was “on the blueprint that way”. Along with low voltage wiring, we also design and install A/V, and as a licensed Savant dealer we are on the cutting edge of home and office automation solutions.

Technology Consulting Services

In an ever changing business world, staying on top of technology trends and tools has become a full time job, not to mention the time it takes to keep your systems running. Robo6k takes the job off your hands and lets you focus on what you and your staff need to do to run your business. At the end of the day, Information Technology is really about giving your workforce the tools they need to be productive.

Cloud Services

Business applications and computing are quickly evaporating into the brave new world that is the cloud, but what does that mean for your business? Robo6k has the experience to turn the Cloud from a board room buzz word to a business reality. We help setup, migrate, and maintain any cloud based solution, and - more importantly - tune it to work with your business environment.

Network Security Services

There’s no avoiding the fact that cybercrime is here to stay, so how do you keep yourself and your customers protected? We can implement best practices, maintain security patches and updates, and check for network weaknesses.

Phone & VoIP Services

Robo can manage your phone system from planning to implementation. We have experience with multiple phone systems, from VoIP services to cloud hosted call centers for international support lines.

Hardware & Software Installation

Finding yourself running out of time to keep up with all the software and hardware requests coming in? Let Robo6k manage your software and hardware updates, migrations, and implementations. We manage a wide range of clients, from solo outfits who just don’t have the time or desire to keep up with it all, to international organization with a fleet of devices and specialty applications.

Web\Application Design & Deployment

Robo also has an experienced team of web and application developers. We’ve built, managed, and maintained websites for many of our clients.

Nest Home Integration

Robo has an experienced team of Home Automation techs who can help design, install, and integrate Nest home automation solutions. Live smarter!